One of the great benefits of Nomenclature 4.0 is that it corrects the errors that we found after Nomenclature 3.0 was published. But, wouldn’t you know it, new errors had a habit of creeping in. The new edition has been out for six months now, and we’ve only found three errors so far:

“Loom, Weight” (pp. 244, 719) should be deleted.  The preferred term is “Loomweight” (p. 242) as noted on p. 719.

“Software, Multifunction System” (pp. 360, 688) should read “Software, Multifunction”

“(use: Porte-Cochere)” (p. 658) should read “(use: Porte-Cochère)”

If you happen to notice a typo, an inconsistency, or other error, please report it to the Nomenclature Task Force at [email protected]. We and your colleagues will thank you for it. And be sure to keep up with errors on the errata page of the Nomenclature Community site at: I just hope there won’t be a constant stream of new and exciting content there! (And if you still use Nomenclature 3.0, you can find a list of errors from that edition on the same web page.)

Just think of the day when Nomenclature is more than just a printed book. Our goal is to present Nomenclature as an online resource that can be corrected and amended as the need arises. More details will be forthcoming. Stay tuned…