New AASLH Book Series: Practical Guides for the Public Historian

With a focus on establishing accessible introductions to timely topics in public history, the Practical Guides for the Public Historian series from AASLH will appeal to an audience comprised of practitioners, trustees, volunteers, and students looking to build careers and solve practical issues in the field of public history. Books in this series are designed to provide a brief introduction to fundamental skills and topics of interest to those working with state and local history using clear language and real-world examples and offer actionable steps for public historians of all backgrounds and organizations of any size.

Each title in this series is a topical snapshot to be written by thought leaders and practitioners in the field with expertise in skills and content area critical to the public history sector, as well as those who speak on topics of current interest or importance. Together, the series will comprise an unmatched library of efficient resources to inform any public history practitioner or scholar. As currently envisioned, each book will have the following technical specifications:

• 6×9 inches, to be published in paperback and e-book editions.
• Approximately 120 pages, including glossary, index, and front and back material.
• No more than 20 black and white images, including figures and illustrations.
• If successful, books could be packaged together under thematic categorization (for instance, three titles related to education, or three on financial topics).

The Table of Contents would contain a preface, at least five chapters of content, a glossary, and an index.

Each book in the series would be comprised of:
1. At least five chapters of content in addition to the preface
2. An introductory chapter to identify background on the subject matter and to detail focus areas of each of the following chapters
3. At least three chapters structured to include at least one case study of a museum or cultural site relevant to the chapter topic, as well as 2-3 figures and illustrations
4. A final chapter to conclude the major themes of the text and to recommend resources for further information or reference
5. Back matter to include a glossary and index.

Possible initial titles:
Developing a Civic Engagement Plan (AASLH Practical Guides for the Public Historian Series)
Developing an Annual Operating Budget (AASLH Practical Guides for the Public Historian Series)
Diversifying Board Leadership (AASLH Practical Guides for the Public Historian Series)
Navigating Crisis Management at Small Museums (AASLH Practical Guides for the Public Historian Series)

To learn more or to submit your proposal, contact Aja Bain, Senior Manager of Professional Development and Publications, at [email protected]!