katherin-kaneDear Members,

AASLH is helping lead our local and national discussions about the importance of historic context, the value of content that can be documented, and the importance of telling everyone’s stories. This content and these stories help demonstrate our country’s strength, while also encouraging us to listen to one another.

To meet these important responsibilities, AASLH needs your help more than ever. Please give to the AASLH Annual Fund.

Our history organizations save places, objects, and the ideas that go with them. Since democracy is about people coming together to share views and take action, we are at the center of what it means to be Americans.

You are seeing the needs in your work and in your own communities. AASLH brings history folks together for professional growth, to strengthen all our organizations, and to raise history’s profile.

Your financial support for AASLH is important. Give today.


Katherine Kane
AASLH Council Chair
Executive Director, Harriet Beecher Stowe Center