The 2014 AASLH Annual Meeting Program Committee has developed a new way to deliver content at the meeting: Pop-Up Sessions.

Pop-Up Sessions will take advantage of the spontaneous ideas that conferences generate. They provide a venue for discussion in a way that is different from the formal conference sessions and give people a chance to showcase their work and help others develop new skills.

popup6This is your chance to share work that might not fit in within the constraints of the theme; you may want to workshop an idea; to respond to a speaker, a news report, or an article. Perhaps you want to prototype an interactive, develop a kids art program, or a performance. Pop-Ups can include discussions on how to fix, build, or use something…

Grab a colleague, heck, grab a group of colleagues and come experience some creative time!


  • Pop-up sessions are 30 minutes each. We can have two topics in one time slot
  • Lightning rounds are when a couple of people join together to present within a 30 minute slot
  • NOTE: There will be no AV in the room—posters, handouts, flip charts or even interpretive dance are all welcome! But there will be no PowerPoint slides…
  • There will be an onsite sign-up sheet by the registration desk available some time Wednesday afternoon


  • Thursday at 1:30pm
  • Thursday at 4pm (We’d like this to be a Lightning Round)
  • Friday at 2:15pm (Lightening Round part 2)
  • Friday at 4pm
  • Saturday at 9am


  • Great River IV in the Crowne Plaza

QUESTIONS? Contact Leigh Grinstead, Pop-Up Session Subcommittee Chair

See you in St. Paul!