Welcome! Since launching this year for Women’s History Month, we’ve been hard at work formalizing our structure and communications to the group, building a strong and dedicated advisory committee, and planning events for the 2015 Annual Meeting in Louisville.

Now it’s time to blog!

We’ve got a lot to share with everyone, and in our blog you’ll find:

  • Women’s history success stories…and the not so successful;
  • Fascinating subject-matter content;
  • How to tell women’s history, the right way;
  • Practical tips for dealing with common challenges; and
  • The latest news and events the group has planned.

So, join the group now, tell all your friends, and make a commitment to better women’s history in our field.

See you around!

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Co-Chairs Rebecca Price, President/CEO of Chick History Inc. and Page Harrington, Executive Director of Sewall-Belmont House and Museum