Nomenclature 4.0 is the most up-to-date print edition of one of North America’s most popular controlled vocabularies for classifying and naming objects in historical museums.  Building on professional standards and a hierarchical structure introduced in the last edition, Nomenclature 4.0 features expanded coverage and revision by reflecting new research and contributions by museum professionals throughout the United States and Canada.

For over 35 years, Nomenclature has offered a practical, flexible framework to ensure museum documentation, retrieval and data sharing is more consistent. This system remains a standard cataloging tool for thousands of museums and historical organizations. Nomenclature serves museums by providing a system designed to consistently name objects and facilitate sharing information with staff and researchers, other institutions, and the public.

The release of Nomenclature 3.0 brought forth many improvements to meet the needs of its users and to reflect changing museum standards. Likewise, Nomenclature 4.0 is a product of the continual need to improve and maintain collections data standards.

This edition is great for a multitude of reasons –

  • The content has been updated to accommodate cultural changes and evolving collections, making it easier to describe contemporary material culture as well as more traditional items.
  • Access to this up-to-date terminology ensures consistency of cataloged records and vastly improves the facilitation of sharing and retrieval of data.
  • This edition incorporates many new terms in direct response to recommendations made and needs expressed by colleagues “in the trenches” of collections and collection records management.
  • An expanded and reorganized section on water transportation as well as expanded coverage of exchange media, digital collections, electronic devices, archaeological and ethnographic objects, and more!
  • The introduction provides an updated user guide with tips and advice!

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