When you spend your days on practical activities that help your institution thrive, it can be overwhelming to tackle an unfamiliar topic.  Whether you’re simply curious, or have been tasked with launching a new exhibit, we’ve got the tools to bring you up to snuff on a variety of topics you’ve let us know you’re interested in.

AASLH and the Organization of American Historians (OAH) bring you History Check-Ins. This series of four webinar presentations by OAH Distinguished Lecturers is designed to make academic scholarship on the themes you care about accessible and affordable.

Webinars are $20 for AASLH members and members of OAH (contact OAH for a promo code), and $30 for non-members. Keep an eye on the calendar as we confirm dates.

Join the conversation on Twitter and Facebook at  @AASLH or @OAH, and use the hashtag #historycheckin.