Historic Maryland State Capitol in Annapolis

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan included in his fiscal year 2018 budget over $979,000 to support grant funding for historic preservation projects statewide. These funds, available to local governments and non-profit organizations, will assist in the identification and rehabilitation of historic landmarks and archaeological sites throughout Maryland. The Capital Historic Preservation Grant Program has not been funded since fiscal year 2010. The Non-capital Historic Preservation Grant Program has not been funded since fiscal year 2012.

“The return of these grant programs is great news for communities all around the state,” said Secretary Wendi Peters. “The power of historic preservation to create jobs and encourage reinvestment in local economies is well documented. These grants will help identify and preserve some of our state’s most treasured historic properties.”

The Historic Preservation grants will be administered by the Maryland Historical Trust (MHT), a division of the Maryland Department of Planning. The Trust was formed in 1961 to assist the people of Maryland in identifying, studying, evaluating, preserving, protecting and interpreting the state’s significant prehistoric and historic districts, sites, structures, cultural landscapes, heritage areas, cultural objects and artifacts, as well as less tangible human and community traditions. Through research, conservation and education, MHT assists the people of Maryland in understanding their historical and cultural heritage.

Online applications for fiscal year 2018 Non-capital and Capital Historic Preservation Grant funding will be available in late spring 2017 on MHT’s website, mht.maryland.gov/grants.shtml. Application deadlines and workshop dates will also be announced on this page.

For more information about the Capital Grant Program, please contact Anne Raines at 410-697-9584 or [email protected].

For information about the Non-capital Grant Program, please contact Heather Barrett at 410-697-9536 or [email protected].

This text was shared by the Maryland Historical Trust in a press release on January 31, 2017.