I’ll cut right to the chase.

AASLH is reaching out to the members of the AASLH Small Museums Affinity Community because we know how much small museums rely on their internship programs. And if you had interns this summer, chances are you weren’t able to compensate them as much as you know they’re worth.


We all know how important internships are. My first was at the National Museum for Jewish Military History in Washington, DC., and my second was at The Bostonian Society. Both supervisors, Jon West-bey and Rainey Tisdale, supported me beyond giving me the credits I needed to graduate, and I’ll be grateful to them forever. The support they provided and the experiences I had shaped the career path I took. Supporting these future leaders and giving them everything they need to succeed is what it’s all about, right?

If you had a fantastic intern this summer, show them your appreciation by investing in their professional growth outside of internships and their school curriculum.

Please give them a gift of Student Membership in AASLH. It’s a $30 investment both in their future career and in our field.

Send back this form with your membership gift by August 31 and we’ll make sure your intern receives a free copy of the AASLH Technical Leaflet:  Skills Most Valued for Entry-Level Professional Museum Positions.

AASLH cares about their career development as much as you do!

Rebecca Price is Director of Membership, Communications, and Marketing at AASLH.