Parade Headstall from Death Valley National Park (DEVA 18892)

Dear Mr. Nomenclature 3.0,

I have a beautiful parade headstall in my collection, but the term HEADSTALL is not in the book. What should I do?

Nomenclature 3.0 User
Dear Nomenclature 3.0 User,
It’s now easy to submit suggestions for additions and changes. The new Suggest Additions/Changes/Updates page gives you a pick list for adding terms, changing definitions, and many other options. The entry pages include explanations and walk you through the process. All suggestions will be carefully considered for the next edition of Nomenclature.

Go to and click on Go To Forms at the bottom of the page. That will take you to the Suggest Additions/Changes/Updates page where you can choose from the list of possible submissions.

We want Nomenclature to work for you, so please contribute your suggestions.

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