The Center for Home Movies is undertaking, thanks to support from the Library of Congress and CLIR, a survey of home movies and amateur films in archival collections in the United States. The goal is to create as comprehensive a directory as possible of amateur film holdings in American archives, libraries and museums. Over the next year we will be scouring catalogs and contacting organizations about their collections, but as a beginning point I would like to ask anyone with relevant materials in their collections to make yourself known. The Google Form below is a simple survey asking for contact information and very general information about your holdings. I will use this as a basis for more in-depth research later on.

Two notes: For this phase, we are only searching for items in publicly-available archives, not in private collections. In addition to home movies we are looking for amateur films produced by hobbyists and film club members.

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer. You may also contact me (as project director) at [email protected] with any information about collections that you may know of.