Calling All Gamemasters!

By Kurt Griesemer, Wisconsin Historical Society, Madison, WI

Do you have a set of polyhedral dice? Have you enjoyed guiding adventurers deep into darkened dungeon corridors? Does the phrase “What do you want to do?” stir a longing to explore fantastical worlds? Then we’re looking for you!

Wisconsin Adventures combines the stories and legends of Wisconsin’s past with the deep learning opportunities of fantasy roleplaying games. Given anticipated interest we’re looking for a few seasoned gamemasters to help take on the task of running gamers through a mini adventure during our session at the 2024 AASLH Annual Conference in Mobile this September.

Compatible with 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons, Wisconsin Adventures presents a mythical Wisconsin filled with the legends and lore familiar to many Wisconsinites. A werewolf on the prowl frightening travelers along a dark road; a ferocious lizard-like creature that feasts on livestock by the light of the moon; a knight errant on a quest to save the village from an ancient curse; and more. This dynamic and play-based learning resource builds audiences and opens new strategies for educational engagement, and we need experienced gamemasters to help make the most of it!

In our session we’ll go through the basics of the history behind the game, why it’s solid foundational learning, and even go a few rounds with some of the creatures. Our session is scheduled for Friday, September 13, from 10:15-11:30 am. Interested in helping out? We’d love to hear from you! Contact Kurt Griesemer ([email protected]), Wisconsin Historical Society Manager of PK-12 Education Initiatives, for more information. Game on!